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Dear Friend,

Are you thinking about your next career move? 

  • Has the pandemic suddenly thrown your career into chaos?
  • Are you questioning whether you should stay in the corporate world or take the leap to entrepreneurship?
  • Have you been laid off, and are scared about finding work?
  • Are you wondering how to be heard — and listened to — when you’re the only woman in the room?
  • Did you know the differences in the way women and men speak to each other in the workplace can actually impede your career?
  • Do you wonder how other women have gained confidence to shuck “Imposter Syndrome”?

Hi, I’m Gloria Feldt, cofounder and president of Take The Lead.


If you’ve had these thoughts, I’m so glad you’re here. There’s a story I want to share with you.

Late March this year, almost a third of the world was in lockdown to contain the COVID-19 pandemic.

Amidst all the confusion and uncertainty, one country imposed a national lockdown early in its outbreak.

It closed its borders to all nonresidents when it had only a handful of cases.

Because of the swift and decisive action taken, this country could very well be the first to eliminate the virus altogether.

A feat that seems out of reach for many countries right now.

This story is about none other than New Zealand and its Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern.


Ardern, who became the world’s youngest female head of government at age 37, offers words of hope and messages of guidance on Facebook Live chats — often in a worn sweatshirt from her bedroom no less. In that particular Facebook Live video, Ardern said she had just put her toddler to bed.

Now this is a story of intelligence, grace, and empathy. Of transforming the use of power from oppressive “power over” to generative “power to.”

It is a story of how to LEAD LIKE A WOMAN.

Like Ardern, you don’t have to dominate others to get them to follow.

  • You don’t have to compete if everyone has the same goal. You know the pie is infinite.
  • You can be sensitive while being assertive. (Ardern did assure the children that the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy are essential workers.)
  • You can care for the whole while you care for yourself.
  • And like Ardern, you can unite and inspire rather than divide and dispirit.
  • You can tap into the power of this pandemic as a once-in-a-lifetime transformational opportunity to come out of it better, stronger, and more prosperous.

You can demonstrate to the world how YOU can lead like a woman, like these women who have taken my course:

“The opportunity to participate in this course couldn’t have come at a better time to apply Power Tool #7 – Take Action: Create a Movement. I am in the midst of supporting a very strong and courageous woman in the animal health industry with the strategic planning and launching of an independent organization she spent four years setting up legally. Rather than be intimidated by her, I have embraced inspiration from this course to be a sister, act with courage, and help create a plan for achieving gender parity in leadership roles.”Rachel Bailey, Owner, Penwan Communications

“Thanks to Gloria’s 9 Practical Women’s Leadership Power Tools to Advance Your Career Online Course, I felt empowered to take the road less traveled… to help women in the field where they are most needed: political office. After spending time in other careers that no longer seemed to fit, it was now time to enter the political sphere; time to lead my dreams! I enjoyed how the course was organized, the topics presented, as well as the collegiality of fellow students from all over the world. Gloria’s book “No Excuses” was truly the blueprint for taking action. The 9 Practical Women’s Leadership Power Tools led to my empowerment. A special thank you to Gloria and Take The Lead for launching my new career in politics. I hope it is long-lived!” – Kerry Giangobbe

“I took your [course] a year ago and articulated that my personal action plan goal was to become a vice president of my firm. I used the power tool  'Use what you’ve got' to differentiate myself and demonstrate my value to the company. Today, I was informed I am being promoted to vice president.” – Valerie Brown Grant, now Senior VP, Alliance Bernstein

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Why women NEVER think they know enough to be sure of themselves…

Many women think they need more degrees or experience to be qualified.

They think they shouldn’t apply for a job unless they know how to do 100% of it. Whereas men will apply if they have only a few of the qualifications.

Women are also more likely to think they aren’t ready to take on higher positions of leadership.

But the truth is, they already have it in them, from wherever they are starting their journey, and however bleak their prospects might seem.

I want to share with you all my hard-earned learning about how I know that is true.

You see, before I became a New York Times best-selling author and feminist leader, long before I founded Take The Lead, I was a teen mom in West Texas with no employable skills. I didn’t know how to shine my own light without feeling bad or guilty about it. I was scared, feeling powerless and lacking in confidence.

I learned the hard way that progress in the workplace isn’t only about your degree, working twice as hard, or being a team player…

It’s about getting to know your unique value and embracing your power.

But the problem is, it’s difficult to pin-point exactly where you are in the continuum of embracing and growing your own power.

Why is that, you ask?

Because women don’t think of power as something to be embraced for its own sake.

And let’s face it…

Many women are reluctant to claim they’re powerful because it has negative connotations. 

And it’s not their fault. 

Because if you appear powerful, you’re disliked. If you don't appear powerful, you’re disregarded.

It’s a double-edged sword. But it’s a sword nonetheless.

A “Power Tool” you can use to hack away at the self-limiting stories you’ve told yourself and the implicit bias you’ve unknowingly learned and been shaped by in our culture.

That’s why I’m excited to share with you how to use all 9 of my Leadership Power Tools that will prepare and propel you to achieve your highest intentions.

  • This 9 Leadership Power Tools Course  is unlike any other course you have experienced. I know it can help you succeed in achieving your highest intentions.
  • Plus, I’ll share with you other secrets and strategies I’ve learned over the years about what it takes for women to make unparalleled career breakthroughs.

So if you’re at a pivotal or tipping point in your career, stay with me for a minute...

There’s something within your grasp that can push that tipping point in the right direction, like what some of my past students experienced…

“I have been very focused on the short-term just due to being very busy with clients, new projects, etc., but it has caused me to neglect the big picture. This has taught me to take a step back so I can focus on the more strategic goals and how I can use my power tools more effectively personally and professionally.”Elyse Flynn Meyer, President and Founder, Prism Global Marketing Solutions

“These are my main takeaways from the course: Know your power and use it. Demonstrate your power through body language and speaking. Pick three words that you want others to describe you as and share them, a lot, about yourself (love that). And, bring other women with you — well, I already knew this but am happy to hear it shared again. Also, it was a good reminder that no one is just going to make you a leader or give you power. You have to do this. People may help, but you have to make the choice to go forward.” – Gillian Doucet-Campbell, Nonprofit Development Officer

“The course content really provided me with a kick start about making my career goals a priority in order to keep balance, positivity and forward movement into a career path that will sustain happiness for me and my family. The way in which we were afforded the opportunity to collaborate with participants across the United States from all disciplines of employment was energizing and encouraging.” – Rachael Scheffler, Director of Development, Reading Hospital Foundation


How you too can reclaim your power and get THAT seat at the table…

Here’s a reminder that needs to be said more often...

The world turns on  human connections. That’s why relationships ARE everything.

And this includes your relationship with yourself and with power.

Once you have redefined power as the power TO, you will embrace your power more fully and have higher levels of intention for what you want to do with your career, and you’ll be amazed at how you can get that raise or promotion you want without fighting for it.

You’ll be amazed at your ability to make things happen for yourself.

  • Never again will you hold yourself back because of “Imposter Syndrome” or be unsure of what your next move will be.
  • Never again will you step back, shrink, and not take risks.
  • Never again will you think you’re unworthy or underestimate your value.
  • With my course, you’ll learn how to differentiate yourself and demonstrate your value clearly to your boss, your peers, and your company.
  • You’ll discover where you wobble when it comes to power, whether at home or in the boardroom.
  • You’ll be given simple but effective tools to help you identify the unique struggles you have and how to overcome them…

Like what these women have experienced:

“From this course, I can now pin-point exactly where I am in the continuum of embracing and growing my power, leadership and professional growth through these power tools.  It broke it down for me and I could reflect on each one and evaluate where I have been, where I am and how I'm using these to get to where I want to be.”  Lisette Flores, Attorney and Activist

“I was hesitant in taking the class because I wasn't sure what I would get out of it or if I would have the time to complete the coursework. Never in my career have I sat down to really think about what I want for my future and what steps I would take to get there. I have always gone through the motions and waited for someone to tap me on the shoulder for my next opportunity. This class came at a time when the next opportunity wasn't coming quick enough. It is because of this class that I felt empowered to go after a role that I was truly interested in versus a job that someone else thought I should be in.” — Nikeeia Harris, Category Manager, Rx, McKesson

“Take The Lead created an online leadership program that provided a template and tools to create my Personal Leadership Action Plan. I'm implementing it now to make better decisions about using my time. Much appreciation!” — Cindie Hubiak, President, Arizona CPA Association


This online course isn’t some simple, fluffy, feel-good handbook...

Now I can teach you everything I know…

But here’s another truth: without a concrete action plan specifically for YOU, you’ll still find yourself stuck.

Sure, you’ll feel inspired, empowered, and fearless…

But if that feeling doesn’t translate into action that moves you forward, then I’ve done you a disservice.

Because at this point in my life, there is no reason for me to do this work if we’re not moving the dial for you and for all women.

That’s why a core part of my course is to help you create a Strategic Leadership Action Plan.... so you can pave a clear path and immediately incorporate what you’ve learned into your professional model.

And the best part?

You’ll be going on this journey with the collective wisdom and experience of women from literally around the world at your disposal.

In other words…

In this course you’ll find the critical support pieces you’ve been missing in your journey.

If you’ve always gone through the motions, and waited for someone to tap you on the shoulder for your next opportunity, now is your opportunity to make a change.

Imagine being at a fork in the road of life...

On the left is an opportunity to share and strategize online with other women who lift each other up — women who inspire and are strong leaders in their own unique way.


A safe place to talk about you, your fears and insecurities, and the hopes and dreams you have for yourself, like what Winter-Esther experienced...

“I just participated in the great and powerful Women Leadership program by the Take the Lead Women!! I am so grateful for all that I have learnt, shared and all the great and building discussions we have!! All the power tools tackled in this program are so essential and great ingredients to Women in Leadership. I have also started implementing on my Personal Leadership Action Plan.... every step counts. I interacted with and made friendships with very inspiring and strong women leaders whose stories inspire me so much!! Overall I am truly humbled and I just received my certificate of successful participation this week!!” Winter-Esther Okoth, Biomedical Researcher

And on the right is the same old story where you neglect the big picture and your place in it — the world misses out on your unique power as a woman leader.


You have more power and influence than you think. You have experience and skills in your area of expertise that people hold with high regard, but you don't always realize that. You also forget.


And I can help you change that like how I helped Sharon who had this to say about the course:

“I have begun to see I actually have more power and influence than I thought. My experience and skills are highly regarded, but I don't always realize that. I will find opportunities to use my power to keep moving forward.” — Sharon K Wilson, Professional Development Advisor, Saudi Aramco

Let me guide you in your journey to be recognized and welcomed as peers and equals in leadership.

The truth is, coming up with a Strategic Leadership Action Plan is a very intentional activity that most women would never take the time to do.
Simply put, life gets in the way.
That’s why I’m here to help you gain a clear vision of where you are now in terms of embracing your inherent power as it applies to your professional and personal journey.
If you go on this journey with me, know you won’t be just dreaming of the future, but planning for and investing in a future of your own making, like what Amy  experienced:

“Thank you for the opportunity to take this course. I will definitely be using these power tools in the future for any opportunities that arise to further my career., as well as the feedback and suggestions from not only Gloria and Lisa, but all the ladies in this group!”Amy Swift, Investment Buy Manager, McKesson Medical-Surgical Strategic Sourcing Group


So Here’s Everything You Get…

Module 1: 9 Leadership Power Tools

  • The real reason why you need to know your history first
  • Course overview and how to use the platform
  • A vibrant community of women who will support you going forward

Module 2: The Transformational Power Concepts

  • Find out what is your true relationship with power
  • How culture, nurture, and implicit bias affect your beliefs and career 
  • What is the new power paradigm and how to embrace it

Module 3: Self Definitional Power Tools

  • Power Tool 1: Know your history and you can  to create the future of your choice

Module 4: Self Definitional Power Tools

  • Power Tool 2: How to define your own terms first, before someone else defines you. Plus, the power of intention and gender bilingual communication

Module 5: Self Definitional Power Tools

  • Power Tool 3: How to use what you’ve got and assess your own points of power and the power relationships you want to nurture

Module 6: Counterintuitive Power Tools

  • Power Tool 4: Why you should embrace controversy and use its energy to propel your ideas forward

Module 7: Counterintuitive Power Tools

  • Power Tool 5: How to carpe the chaos, for in chaos is always opportunity for innovative thinking

Module 8: Counterintuitive Power Tools

  • Power Tool 6: Why wear the shirt of your convictions and why people follow people who have a point of view

Module 9: Change Leadership Power Tools

  • Power Tool 7: Create a movement. The 3 simple elements of how sustainable change is made for yourself or in your organization — or the world

Module 10: Change Leadership Power Tools

  • Power Tool 8: Employ every medium. How you can become a thought leader even if you’re shy or an introvert

Module 11: Change Leadership Power Tools

  • Power Tool 9: Why your story is your power and your truth and why it is key to accomplishing your goals

Module 12: Draft Your Strategic Action Plan

  • Get your Strategic Leadership Action Plan template that you will be able to use throughout your career to achieve a goal or solve a problem
  • Identify your goal or problem and be guided through the steps to achieve them
  • Give and get feedback on your plan so you can ready it for action

Module 13: Complete Your Strategic Leadership Action Plan

  • Celebrate your accomplishments.
  • Get your certificate of completion and a badge you can use on your LinkedIn profile to tell the world you are ready with your Power Tools and plan to reach your career intentions

Who’s This For…

The 9 Leadership Power Tools course is for women who…

  • Want to gain skills and a mindset that will enable them to thrive in any profession, at any career level
  • Are tired of cookie-cutter courses that promise but don’t deliver on their particular needs
  • Struggle with Imposter Syndrome and are ready to leave it behind
  • Lack clarity about what they want their next career move to be
  • Want to embrace their unique power and better understand how to leverage their strengths
  • Feel unsure about how to succeed in a male dominated field or culture while remaining authentic to themselves as women
  • Want to align their career with their values
  • Want to build a powerful network of support including mentors and sponsors
  • Want to improve their communications skills and self advocate effectively
  • Are locked in a struggle with themselves and are looking for the courage to break out of negative patterns and elevate their own intentions 
  • Want to shift into a role where they feel valued
  • Know they can be more and intend to be seen as they are

What Women Are Saying...

"This class was perfectly timed for me and I am glad to have participated. It has been a pleasure to learn more about you and to learn from you. I have already provided accolades for this class to my leaders in my organization and will continue to recommend the class to women inside my company. You are a gift to women and their journey to be recognized (not minimized) and welcomed as peers and equals in leadership!"  — Heather Stickler, Program Director, Intel

“I had the pleasure of being in your first group for the online leadership course and I thought you might be interested to know that, following that I put myself forward and became my Law School’s Director of Teaching and Learning, and today I had an interview for and was selected as the School’s interim Head of School (I think known as Dean in the US). I would like to thank you for your inspiration and mentoring in women’s leadership, and for the confidence and tools that you have provided me with to apply for these posts and develop the skills necessary for them.” Claudina Richards. School of Law, University of East Anglia


Watch These 8 Women Talk About Their Gratitude After Graduating From 9 Leadership Power Tools Course


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What Women Are Saying...

"Drafting and revising my Strategic Leadership Action Plan helped me gain a clear vision of where I am now in terms of embracing power and leadership as it applies to my career and my personal values. This has helped me realize how much more personal happiness and perhaps even financial gain I would enjoy by further aligning the two. It’s helped me determine what I want to be doing in the future concerning my career. The accountable portion of the SLAP helped me realistically map out a plan for getting there. Completing the weekly exercises and particularly those related to each of the 9 Power Tools has also helped me further embrace power-to and better understand how to leverage the Power Tools toward achieving the goals of my SLAP." — Rachel Bailey, Owner, Penwan Communications

“The 9 power tools are spot on for identifying the struggles we have and inspire me to put action behind them. Whether it be through self-identification or making a plan to improve/change, I will keep the list close and refer to it often while I work to achieve my action plan and well into the future… This course was a gentle nudge to get out of my comfort zone and get moving again…  I learned there is no reason why women can't use their brains to become equal partners in technology and the corporate business world…The insight is that my path isn't blocked, and I *do* have the power *to* make sure I use the tools to get around [the barriers to advancement]”. – Comments by Go Daddy employees who took the online course

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