Power To Lead Online Partner Course

Power to Lead is an exclusive life-changing self-study online course that propels women like you to hold high aspirations and to offer no excuses.

In Power to Lead, I teach my strategic and proven 9 Leadership Power Tools to help you identify professional chokeholds holding you back from upward mobility in the workplace as well as the solutions to close those gaps.

Here’s a scary statistic: while women are 33% more likely to have a college degree than men, we make up under 20% of top leadership positions across all sectors. Yes, you read that right…across all sectors.

So my intention with Power to Lead is for you to embrace your power so you can excel in your career. What’s best is you can go through the course at your own pace. There are four modules organized by weeks. But you can take as long or go as fast as you like. The material will be available to you online for a full 6 months.

You’ll network with powerhouses, boundary breakers, and movers and shakers and I will be available to answer your questions personally on weekly Facebook live chats.

You will also enjoy a vibrant network of powerful women on our private Power to Lead Facebook community page where we will continue the conversation and explore the Power Tools and exercises that build your skills. This Facebook page will stay live for 6 full months after the course ends, during which you will receive monthly Power messages to keep you motivated in working towards your Strategic Leadership Action Plan goal. Every time I teach this course, I see the women forming a cohort and support system for one another. It’s amazing.

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