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Ready to be a Changemaker who Leads with Purpose, Clarity, Confidence & Intention?

No woman should be on her leadership journey alone! You deserve to have access to tools, advice and education that supports in planning, making and slaying YOUR NEXT BOLD MOVE!

Enroll in the The Academy for Advanced Leadership, a year-round, comprehensive virtual leadership development membership that ensures leaders keep showing up as great bosses.


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If you are a corporate, nonprofit or entrepreneurial leader who has a non-negotiable commitment to being a leader who makes a difference the Academy is for you.

Leading in the new normal requires the voice and presence of bold, diverse women leaders with the agility and ability to drive innovation, collaboration and team performance.

It’s time to take your leadership to new heights by becoming an inaugural member of our brand new Take The Lead Academy.

Meet your Mentor

The Take The Lead Academy is hosted by Felicia Davis: Author, Speaker, Brand Strategist, and certified Take The Lead Leadership Ambassador. Felicia brings to the Academy more than two decades of corporate experience as a former HR Executive and 10+ years as an entrepreneur.

Her deep passion and commitment to this work is fueled by her witnessing way too many smart women be passed over for reasons that had nothing to do with their skills. She’s obsessed with helping women brand their brilliance and get positioned for their next bold move.  And now, she is excited to be joining the Academy as not just your host but a co-creator in your success.

5 Signs the Academy is Right For You:

  • You’re ready to redefine your relationship to power so that you’re equipped to lead at a whole new level.

  • You struggle with finding your voice and it’s impacting your ability to have powerful and influential conversations.

  • You’re tired of being treated like a commodity and passed over for important, high-visibility projects.

  • You’re ready to stop hiding out, playing small, and abdicating your power.

  • You've reached a point of stagnation in your growth and realize that what brought you to your current level of success will not work to take you to the next level.

No Woman Is Too Small to Make a Difference and Every Woman Should Take The Lead.

Because when women are at the table and in the boardroom, lives are positively impacted and profit margins are increased and that’s a fact.

The Take The Lead Academy is the place where smart, driven women go to rise up and get educated to make power moves in every area of their life.

What You Get In Exchange For Your ‘YES!’:

Monthly Training and Expert Advice

covering a diverse range of personal and professional development topics that elevate who you are and who you are becoming as a leader.  This includes immediate access to last month’s masterclass on examining the narratives and shadows of your personal story. Next month you’ll learn how to create unshakeable confidence with a powerful point of view.  

Quarterly Power Up Challenges

Every quarter we will host themed leadership challenges designed to spur your thinking, get you unhooked from your comfort zone and create the momentum necessary to usher you into your next level of success.   

24/7 On Demand Support Community

Part of your membership includes access to our private community where you will be surrounded by quality connections for ongoing peer-to-peer support guidance, feedback and accountability.   


PLUS…as a big deal bonus with a $480 value anyone who enrolls for a minimum of three months, you’ll also receive access to Gloria Feldt’s signature 9 Leadership Power Tools Online Course. It’s a complete 13-module course covering all 9 Leadership Power Tools and power concepts, providing you with the opportunity to learn on your own schedule and come away with a Strategic Leadership Action Plan. But a bonus this good doesn’t last for long. 

You must enroll into The Academy for a minimum of three months by Wednesday, June 30th to have this bonus included with your membership.   

Frequently Asked Questions

What women asked before signing up for Take The Lead Academy for Advanced Leadership:

Still thinking about it?

This is how we help you turn up the dial on your Power.

  • You’ll create a new relationship with power so that you get the respect and recognition you deserve.
  • You’ll own your power and lead with intention, authenticity and joy.
  • You’ll get rooted in your value and start communicating with ease, grace and confidence.
  • You’ll increase your power, agency and influence by fully integrating the principals of the 9 Leadership Power Tools into your work.