9 Leadership Power Tools: The Sure Steps to Advance Your Career

Why exactly is this course worth your precious time? Here are 3 powerful reasons: Reason #1: You’re smart and ...

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Who is Gloria Feldt?

Hi, Gloria Feldt here. I’m Cofounder and President of Take The Lead, New York Times Best Selling author, leade...

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Power To Lead Online Partner Course

Power to Lead is an exclusive life-changing self-study online course that propels women like you to hold high aspirat...

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The Blueprint: Craft your Strategic Leadership Action Plan. It's the Game Changer.

In Lesson Four you will: Develop your Strategic Leadership Action Plan to achieve a goal or to solve a problem in ...

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Fear Less, so you can Negotiate More to get that Promotion, Raise, or Recognition you Deserve

In Lesson Three we explore: The three negotiating partners you must consider before sitting at the negotiation tab...

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The 9 Leadership Power Tools-- skills you can use now to succeed in any field

In Lesson Two we give you immediately actionable skills: My proven and strategic 9 Leadership Power Tools (learn m...

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What's power got to do with it? Oh, you're going to love this definition!

In Lesson One we explore: Why women are not getting our fair share of leadership or compensation, but all the reas...

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9 Leadership Power Tools to Advance Your Career

A self-paced online course for women who want to embrace their power to lead with intention a...

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Powerful in 2021 Competence, Confidence and Intention for Women in Law

This course was developed by a woman who made it to the top against the odds and will guide you on the path. It ...

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Take The Lead Academy for Advanced Leadership

No woman should be on her leadership journey alone! You deserve to have access to tools, advice and education that su...

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